Major Gods

Gods of Order:

Corellon – God of magic, music, and arts. (Symbol is a golden harp)

Gruumsh “Gruumsh One-Eye” – God of conquest, survival, strength, and territory (Symbol is an unblinking eye)

The Raven Queen – Goddess of death, fate, and winter. (Symbol is a raven)

Heironeous – God of justice, honor, and bravery. (Symbol is a silver lightning bolt, often clutched in a fist)

Tamara – Goddess of life, light, healing, and mercy. (Symbol is the radiant sun)

Arda – God nature, growth, life, and animals (Symbol is the tree of Life)

Gods of Chaos:

Nerull – God of darkness, murder, and the shadows. He is known as the Bringer of Darkness. (Symbol is a scythe)

Tiamat – Goddess of evil dragons, conquest, greed and cruelty. (Symbol is 5 headed dragon)

Lolth -Goddess of spiders, nightmares, vengeance and assassins (Symbol is a black widow)

Daragor – God of marauding beasts, bloodlust and pain. (Symbol is a jagged great axe)

Bane – God of hatred, fear, and tyranny (green rays squeezed forth from a black fist)

Sarosha – Goddess of Oppression, Slavery, Cruelty, and Disease. (A black mace with chains)

Major Gods

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