History and setting summary

Your home the World of Raedric (pronounced Ray-Drik)

The world you know came into being after Cora the original sole god of the cosmos died.
As Cora died her body exploded releasing her creative powers upon the cosmos. In an instant the upper, middle, and lower planes were born and planets within them; one of these being your home.

As Cora gave her last breath the outer plane was formed, the place where all souls go.
Cora’s death left shards of immense power that became the gods you know today. Some of the gods found planes they made home, and others began to explore the newly created Cosmos.

Raedric is a fantasy world that hosts a variety of beings. Monsters are numerous and have forced many of the peoples of the world to band together for survival. Adventuring is not viewed as a desirable lifestyle due to the dangers and hardships; as a result, many relics of the past and secrets remain undiscovered.

History and setting summary

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