Character Creation

Creating a character:

To make a character, find a concept and a name you like.

You start with 5 Hit Points, 1 Combat Defense, and 5 status points.

You now have 6 Build Points to make your character. For 1 Build Point you can either buy a skill of your choosing, raise your Combat Defense (to a max of 3 at creation), raise you hit points or status points by one point.

Combat Defense: Your resistance to damage
Status Points: Your current state of well being, the closer to 0 the worse off you are
Hit points: Pretty self explanatory

Skills are free-form and entirely made up by you.

Skills may be as broad to cover a field of expertise but should never be usable outside a specific area. Skills like “Close Combat” is as broad as it should get but you can build on top of this with increasingly specific skills like Sword Fighting followed by Stabbing if you wish.

Very broad skills, jobs or stereotypes like Charismatic, Strong, Athletic, Soldier, Diplomat, Ranger or Smart are considered Qualities. You can only have a single Quality that you pick at creation.

To clarify, if you want spells: You Spec into a spell school for 2 build points (ex: pyromancy) then you can take spells related to that after. This is to keep things balanced.

As you play, you will be awarded more build points to improve your character with.

If your race is not a basic d&d player race, run it by me first.

You must select a character flaw (ex: cowardice, allergies, ect)

You can take any BASIC gear/weapon you can think of. Keep in mind if you don’t have it, you can not use it. (no magically appearing tents here, you don’t have one you sleep in a bush)

Feel free to make up towns/villages/tribes when saying where you are from, the world is pretty much open.

If you have an questions just ask.

*Character Sheet (must use this template and fill it in):


Alignment Points:

Good: 0

Evil: 0

Hero Points: 1
Hit Points: 5/5
Status Points: 5/5
Combat Defense: 1
Initiative Bonus: +1
Move Value: 5

Appearance: (physical appearance/clothing)

Background Summary:(can be bullet points, just something brief)

Character Flaw:



*Task Resolution:

When rolling for task resolution, count how many skills you have which would reasonably help you doing the task at hand and add one. That is the number of six sided dice you roll. After rolling, pick one dice which becomes your result – then add 1 to that result for every natural 6 remaining. The higher the number the better!

If a task is hard but manageable without specialist knowledge, the Game Master may impose a penalty to the roll. The penalty is subtracted from the final result of the roll. This is called a Point Penalty.

Advanced Tasks are tasks which require specialist knowledge (Ex: casting fire spells). When performing an advanced task, roll 1 dice fewer than normal – this may reduce you to 0 dice, making the task impossible. This is called a Dice Penalty.

Easy tasks are never rolled for. If a task is easy enough to confer a bonus to a roll, just assume it was a success.

Character Creation

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