Session #2

After Lucan and Aelar managed to escape the drow raiding ship, they made their way into the forest and managed to find a river. This river lead up to a small waterfall that concealed a cave full of kobolds and a goblin leading them. The heroes met up with their new Dwarf companion Thordin.

With the help of Thordin they managed to navigate through the forest and to the village of Winterhaven. Here they recovered and learned of the kobold/raider forces lead by a necromancer that had recently been attacking the village in increasing force.

Seeing as none of them had any real coin to do much at the moment they took up the offer to explore the nearby ruins that were rumored to be the necromancer’s base of operations.

Session #1

The two elven heroes Lucan and Aelar managed to break free from a Drow slaver ship yesterday. With some good ol stealth and peasant strong arm tactics the two made it off the ship (mostly unharmed) and onto a mysterious shore. With forest in front of them, and angry Drow slavers not far behind their fate is uncertain.

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