Male Dwarf Fighter


Name: Thordin
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Race: Dwarf

Alignment Points:
Good: 0
Evil: 0

Hero Points: 1
Max HP: 6/6 Current HP: _____
Max Status Points: 5/5 Current Status Points: _____
Combat Defense: 3
Initiative Bonus: +2
Move Value: 5

Character Flaw: Alcoholic (even by Dwarven standards) – Constantly drunk or wanting to be.


- Melee basic attack [Basic Action]

- Ranged basic attack [Basic Action]

- Use Item [Basic Action]

-(Weapon Prof.) One handed

- Combat challenge [Minor action] Can be used to challenge one enemy, making them focus their attacks upon you until another challenge is issued, or you fall incapacitated in battle.

- Comeback strike* [Basic action] Once per day you may use this as a melee basic attack. Regardless of a hit or miss with this attack you regain 2 hp

Dwarven Plate armor [Basic]
Bastard Sword [Basic]
Elven chain mail [Basic]
4 Gold Pieces
2 Handed axe [Basic]
Goblin head [Trophy]
Kobold Tooth [Trophy]



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