Male Elf Druid


Name: Lucan

Age: Adult

Sex: Male

Race: Elf


Alignment Points:

Good: 2

Evil: 0

Hero Points: 1

Max HP: 5/5 Current HP: 4
Max Status Points: 6/6 Current Status Points: _____
Combat Defense: 1
Initiative Bonus: +2
Move Value: 6

Character Flaw: Nature born – Raised in the wilderness you are uncomfortable around “civilized” people and can at times be confused by their ways.


- Melee basic attack [Basic Action]

- Ranged basic attack [Basic Action]

- Use Item [Basic Action]

- (Spell) Rejuvenation [Basic Action] (Can be used three times per game day. Can heal basic wounds up to three times or basic wounds twice and one major wound)

- (Spell) Animal Transformation [Minor Action (Med. Sized creatures)]

- (Spell) Entangle [Basic Action] (Can be used to cause roots, grass, weeds ect to grow at a rapid pace and restrain an enemy for 2 rounds of combat preventing movement [Max of two targets at a time for basic level])

- (Spell) Gust of Wind [Basic Action]: This spell creates a severe blast of air that originates from you, affecting all creatures in its path. Small creatures are knocked back 5 squares (no save allowed). Medium creatures may attempt to brace themselves, if successful they are only knocked back 2 squares, if they fail they are knocked back 4 squares. Large creatures are unaffected by the spell at this level. In addition to the effects noted, a gust of wind can do anything that a sudden blast of wind would be expected to do. It can create a stinging spray of sand or dust; fan a large fire, ect.

- (Spell) Bark Skin [Basic Action]: Barkskin toughens a creature’s skin. The effect grants a +1 bonus to the target’s combat defense. This lasts until the spell is cast on another target, the caster cancels it, or it is dispelled by another caster.

- Herbalism [Basic]

- Magic School [Nature] Allows for the casting of Nature spells.


- Hide Armor [Basic]

- Spear [Basic]

- Staff

- 17 gold pieces

- Spell Book

- Vial of torture liquid

- Herbs:
-Borneas (2) [Common] [Burned] Will aid to sustain meditations and trances
-Grendar (2) [Common] [Applied] Cures skin irritations and rashes in one day
-Nordra (1) [Common] [Applied]Prevents continuous bleeding of wounds and heals 1 hp
-Colewort(1) [uncommon] [Ingested]Counteracts nausea associated with hangovers, motion sickness, morning sickness, and more common illnesses.



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