Welcome to the new campaign page!



  • Leave ALL other games away from the table (ie. no Magic cards)
  • I know its “just a game” but we are here PLAY! Not Bullshit around for hours making no progress at all.
  • Players are to call in advance if they have to cancel or will be late.
  • Leave your laptop and other electronics at home or put them away


  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Don’t be passive aggressive. If you have issues, bring them upfront.


  • The GM’s ruling is final


*The game will be heavily focused on role play. I expect you to think and act as your character would, as well as use other character’s names when speaking to them.

  • Be ready when it is your turn
  • If it’s your turn, you have the “conch shell”. By the same token, be polite and make sure that whoever is taking their turn can talk to the DM without having to shout
  • Don’t go around doing stupid shit. Actions WILL have consequences.
  • If I say focus, it is time to get back to the game
  • Roll your dice where everyone can see them and if the dice falls off the table more than once for the same roll its an automatic failure.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO ‘driving’ of other people’s characters. Role play to have YOUR character ‘ask’ another character for something or suggest a course of action. Players may not give orders to other players (ie. “do this, heal that, do this other thing! Why not? Are you stupid?!”).
  • You must have a printed copy of your character sheet
  • No cross gender role playing